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Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

We are very proud at the number and variety of clubs we offer children at the end of each school day, usually they run from 3:15 to 4:00pm.

Our clubs are treated as a way for children to try out new things, develop skills, meet or mix with children from different year groups and last, but of course the most important – to have fun!

Each Term we send out a club list via our Paretnmail system. Because teachers, parents and outside agencies give up their time to run clubs for the children we expect the children to attend unless they are poorly or have another important activity to go to. 

Here are a few ideas of the sort of clubs we offer (it does change each year), depending upon what new things people want to share with the children:

  • Tag rugby
  • Football
  • Netball 
  • Art 
  • Book club
  • Recorder

We have a Beaver/Scout group on site as well as Eagle Football Club and Leadership Martial Arts.

Clubs & Activities – Summer Term 2024

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