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Physical Education

PE Intent

To instil a love of PE in all our children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment and to offer a range of opportunities to inspire our learners.

For all children to make at least good progress within PE/physical activities and school sport.

To pick-up and address any variances caused by children missing school due to Covid.

To build independent learners and effective leaders who show character and resilience through team work and co-operation.

Our curriculum will encompass the National Curriculum requirements to ensure all aspects, knowledge and skills are taught across all year groups.

We will utilise opportunities to link school sport with other schools throughout the local and wider community through competitive and non-competitive tournaments and festivals.

From EYFS to the end of KS2, children will be taught a range of knowledge helping them to develop the skills needed to build a lifelong love of PE, physical activity and sport, and how to stay fit and healthy.

To make explicit Cross-curricular links through a focus on learning about themselves and their bodies.

We will ensure every child is active throughout each lesson and for a minimum of 2 hours per week whilst in school.

To include parents, siblings and wider family members to help the child and family stay active.

To keep children safe, and help others who may become distressed, in and around water.

PE Implementation

We offer, and teach, a wide range of sport, giving children opportunities to excel within a field of their liking. We support all children as appropriate so that everyone can access the curriculum.

Formative Assessment is embedded through lessons and all staff use assessment for learning to ensure all lessons are relevant and to plan next steps and fill gaps.  

We use PE Champions to support our teaching of PE.

Children in Year 6 are asked to become sports leaders and take on roles of responsibility.  This can be through helping younger children at play times, leading warm-ups and cool-downs, as role models during lessons and supporting adults during Sports Day.

Children are given opportunities to build character and embed values through regular team working activities, competitive sport and Sports Day.

A proportion of Sport Premium funding is spent to support the wellbeing and mental health of less active children who are then encouraged to live a more active lifestyle. Afterschool clubs provide a wider range of sporting activities.

During planning, cross-curricular opportunities are considered, and where appropriate, added throughout the curriculum.  Within PE, this will include PSHE, science, maths and others.

A minimum of 2 hours of taught PE and physical activity per week, active playtimes and child led play ensures that all children are mobile throughout breaks and a wide range of paid, and free, after school/lunch clubs.

As a school we are part of the Golden Mile initiative and every child takes part in a daily ‘run’ of at least 10 minutes, calculating miles each year and working towards different rewards/achievements.

Parents and families are encouraged to be involved in physical education, physical activity and school sport through Sports Days, school teams, website interests and other activities.

Swimming and water safety are taught throughout KS2 and extra opportunities are taken to continue to improve beyond the government’s guidelines.  This would normally be Y4 full year group, Y5 catch-up and Y6 catch-up.

PE Impact

Children will enjoy PE and will want to continue sport/activities outside of school.

Subject Leaders will monitor the impact of the subject by observing lessons, Academy Council Reports, pupil voice and tracking progress/success. Children will have lessons aimed at ensuring they make good progress at their own level.

Children become stewards of their own learning and support peers to continue to improve and excel. Class teachers ensure this through effective teaching and learning.

Children have a deeper spiritual, moral, social and cultural involvement within the community and school and can celebrate their, and the school’s successes.

Children become proud of sporting achievements and want to be more active for the betterment of themselves. All children are given the opportunity to represent the school.  Children are happy within themselves and value exercise. All of this leads to healthy, active lifestyles.

Children understand the reasons for exercise and healthy living and the impact a healthy lifestyle has on them.

Children explore and are engaged by a wider range of sport leading them to be more active and become champions of sport leading to higher self-esteem and belief.

Children and families have a commitment and desire to improve their lives and community within which they live.

Measurable impact of swimming through high % of children achieving, or exceeding, the government’s target.

Physical Education


Class 1’s Chance to Shine Cricket lesson

Netball Festival at RWBA

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PE Policy

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